Hallmark Channel & Hero Productions Director_Clare Niederpruem Production Designer_Júlía Embla Katrínadóttir Graphic Designer

GAMLI BÆR [2018]

Húsafell, Iceland new color concept, painting and slight refurbishment of an old Icelandic guesthouse / private residency

ICELAND [2017]

Hólmasel, Dogsledding Iceland Doghandler for 60 Huskies Borgarnes painting bedroom Westfjords, Patreksfjörður refurbishing private accomodation with furniture from the dump and pallets painting and decorating… Weiterlesen »ICELAND [2017]

IRELAND [2016]

Annaghmore, Sligo started to declutter attic, deep cleaning, dogwalking, taking care of B&B guests and rooms refurbishing private accomodation Kilkenny decluttering hoarder cottage, inventory Inishowen,… Weiterlesen »IRELAND [2016]