watercolor paintings of Icelandic landscapes


The 1981 version of this Coachmen „Casper xl 850“ Pick-up camper needed either to make its way to the dump or a serious make over. For it was part of the owners life for so long, the decision was easy.

Its leaking edges and borders had caused quite some rotting damages over the years and a never found grease leak from the toilet cabinet had given the interior the rest. The upholstery was entirely finished and the interior desperately needed an update.

Although the project is not entirely finished, I am proud to present the results. There will be a wallpaper in the dining area later, as well as some smaller repairs and adjustments, that can only be analysed when in use. The replacement of all windows is also on the menu for the next summer, as is a bigger solar panel. The final pictures will be added later.

To finish the camper to this stage took me about three weeks. My partner got electricity & gas back on track and fitted the camper onto the car. A black camper was unique in Iceland until now, although it makes much more sense for Icelandic climate conditions.

Note: The renovation was executed on the smallest possible budget. Quality paints of Benjamin Moore for the inside and outside, foams from Svampland sf and budget friendly fabrics from Rúmfatalagerinn and IKEA (what else in Iceland).

CI Sjótækni ehf [2019]

The Icelandic sea-related company Sjótækni ehf. extended its business branches at turn of the year 2018/2019 and needed a refit of its web presence and general appearance of the company’s new fields of work. The new Logo was already existing and needed to be matched up with website, flyers, brochures and business cards.

There are ongoing illustrations for their survey department, that combine photographs and 3D images, as well as minor web hosting for new articles. The website has an English and Icelandic version.


Borgarnes, Ísland

After purchaising a 1970s residential building September 2017, my friends got into serious financial and health trouble in early 2018. So I answered their call, to give them first aid, to renovate the guesthouse as soon as quick as possible. The house was in quite bad shape with plenty leaks and all surfaces to be fixed. So I spent two months of filling, sanding and painting, mainly in white.

The owner and I had very controversial taste, so I tried to keep a very low profile. Most of the furniture was used and the basic arrangement later on done by me. This does NOT apply for the decoration.  I wished I would have had more saying and been able to preserve the lovely 70s charme it had before. But sometimes, you just have to do what needs to be done.

I finished the project earlier, do to a massive delay of plumber and electrician. Today, their financial and health issues are way better and the unfurnished flat 1 and 3 furnished.

Flat 1

Flat 2

Flat 3

ICELAND [2017]

Hólmasel, Dogsledding Iceland

Doghandler for 60 Huskies


painting bedroom

Westfjords, Patreksfjörður

refurbishing private accomodation with furniture from the dump and pallets

painting and decorating guestrooms, floating hallway


refurbishing staff holding

refurbishing shop and restaurant guesthouse

IRELAND [2016]

Annaghmore, Sligo

started to declutter attic, deep cleaning, dogwalking, taking care of B&B guests and rooms

refurbishing private accomodation


decluttering hoarder cottage, inventory

Inishowen, Moville

building puppy run

painting kitchen cabinets

Donegal, Gortahork

cutting down hedges, fixing driveway, cutting firewood, clearing cottage from trash

Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Frieda, M.Eng "Building Conservation" (2016) and MFA "Interior Design" (2009), that is working as a freelance designer and member of various Art- & Costume Departments for feature films and tv productions.