XERXES_Komische Oper Berlin

tailoring of 3 sheep costumes

padded suit


on stage  giant-sheep-in-xerxes-final

MFA Interior Design Thesis [2009]

„Once Upon A Time…“

My conceptual work comprised the creation of an interactive parallel universe, that is bonding the disneyesk idealism, a gainful merchandise industry and the possibility for ones own interpretation and room for development. It‘s about the recovery of impression‘s sustainability.
The heart‘s anatomy forms the spatial foundation of my draft. It affects the paths‘ layout. The castle functions as the pericardium, the veins lead through the atria to the chambers, into the lungs and the aorta leads finally back into the body. (Fantasyland & Hub)
Inside the heart one can find attractions like “Willy Wonka”, “Multiplan”, the spiral vein, “Hollywood’s dark prince”, “Mirrorchamber”, the “vein of gold” and the “social vein”.
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Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Frieda, M.Eng "Building Conservation" (2016) and MFA "Interior Design" (2009), that is working as a freelance designer and member of various Art- & Costume Departments for feature films and tv productions.