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    Cross-stitch has its charm and tradition, but so do other embroidery types. Since I was getting into the groove with children’s clothing, I wanted to create embroideries, that make the kids and not only their parents happy.

    I remembered „Little Grey“ & „Little White“, the two Beluga whales, that had been flown to Vestmannaeyja, to spend the rest of their lives at Sealife Trusts sanctuary at Heimaey. My boyfriend had been doing an underwater survey, to locate possible dangers for the new residents and it seemed just logic to direct some attention to them.

    After selling some sweaters successfully at „Kirsuberjatréð“ in Reykjavík I gave it a shot and approached the sanctuary, whether they would want to sell them in their shop too. All sales and tickets at the sanctuary and their webshop support the care of the whales and maintenance of the facilities. I wanted to be part of this. The first delivery of 20 handmade sweaters and 5 beanies for 4-8 year olds have arrived there on 13th June 2022 and I hope there will be more to come.