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    I was always drawn to a country’s history, old photographies, craft techniques and the people behind it. Some years ago I received a gift from a frind – a newly published compendium of old icelandic embroidery patterns that fascinated me as much as it frustrated me, that I had never seen anything like that in Iceland – if you don’t count in the designated museums.

    I was determined to bring this old tradition back to life and make it accessible to a wider range of people. Icelanders and foreigners alike. So I started a little side business „FRÍÐA FÍNA“ with my new embroidery machine – a machine far from professional standards, but what I could afford and seemed to make sense in a test phase, that might result in me wanting to throw it against a wall. It turned out we are getting along quite well and my embroidery programing skills have evolved just fine. Ever since I am embroiding Icelandic patterns on H&M organic cotton products and handmade sweaters from mostly organic quality for children age 0-4. The material or whether I am sewing everything from scratch is obviously a matter of money. Let’s face it: people still have a long way to go for slow fashion, but that’s fine by me.

    My plan for the future is a collaboration with Icelandic fashion companies, that enable me to concentrate on the design part and give their products a personal touch.