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La belle et la bête

ESKWAD & 18th Babelsberg Film GmbH

Director_Christophe Gans
Costume Designer_Pierre-Yves Gayraud
Production Designer_Thierry Flammand
Set Decorator_Simon Boucherie, Bernhard Henrich & Ernestine Hipper



Smokehouse Pictures & 22nd Babelsberg Film GmbH

Director_George Clooney
Production Designer_Jim Bissell
Set Decorator_Bernhard Henrich


STEIFF – Don’t be afraid of the dark [2012]

AKA Ludwigsburg

Director_Denis Parchow | DOP_Stephan Burchardt
Production Design
Once upon a time, when you were a child, you’ve been, without a doubt, afraid of the boogie man hiding in your closet or underneath your bed. Who was protecting you from him?
Your parents? NO.
The light of your bedside lamp? NO.
But who? Right. Your Teddybear.
„Steiff – last line of defence, since 1902.“
…design, construction, building and painting the boy’s room, as well as a cross section for a cave, the boy is escaping into.
The boy’s room had a size of 4,5m x 7m with an oriel (prepared for the monster’s jump into it and with an exterior rain cover), an adjustable roof pitch with window and three removeable walls. The room’s furniture had to be designed and built, whereof the bed had to be adjustable in height and the „mattress“ needed various sections, due to the needs of the puppetmaster, working from underneath on the teddybear’s motion.


construction process of the boy’s room


designed furniture

construction process of the cave’s studio-cross-section


Oberon Film GmbH

Directors_Tom Tykwer | Lana & Andy Wachowski
Costume Designers_Pierre-Yves Gayraud | Kym Barrett
Graphic Textile Artist / Costumer