Borgarnes, Ísland

After purchaising a 1970s residential building September 2017, my friends got into serious financial and health trouble in early 2018. So I answered their call, to give them first aid, to renovate the guesthouse as soon as quick as possible. The house was in quite bad shape with plenty leaks and all surfaces to be fixed. So I spent two months of filling, sanding and painting, mainly in white.

The owner and I had very controversial taste, so I tried to keep a very low profile. Most of the furniture was used and the basic arrangement later on done by me. This does NOT apply for the decoration.  I wished I would have had more saying and been able to preserve the lovely 70s charme it had before. But sometimes, you just have to do what needs to be done.

I finished the project earlier, do to a massive delay of plumber and electrician. Today, their financial and health issues are way better and the unfurnished flat 1 and 3 furnished.

Flat 1

Flat 2

Flat 3