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ICELAND [2017]

Hólmasel, Dogsledding Iceland

Doghandler for 60 Huskies


painting bedroom

Westfjords, Patreksfjörður

refurbishing private accomodation with furniture from the dump and pallets

painting and decorating guestrooms, floating hallway


refurbishing staff holding

refurbishing shop and restaurant guesthouse

IRELAND [2016]

Annaghmore, Sligo

started to declutter attic, deep cleaning, dogwalking, taking care of B&B guests and rooms

refurbishing private accomodation


decluttering hoarder cottage, inventory

Inishowen, Moville

building puppy run

painting kitchen cabinets

Donegal, Gortahork

cutting down hedges, fixing driveway, cutting firewood, clearing cottage from trash